SEO by Greg CollettSEO (Search Engine Optimization)
or it's all been for nothing!

If your web site can't be found, creating it was pretty much a waste of time. If you had brochures printed for your business, you wouldn't leave them in the back of the car, you'd get them distributed.  Search engine optimization is one of the main ways to get your web site distributed (found).

According to Gallup Research, 84% of Americans use the Internet more than one hour per day compared with 26% in 2002. We haven’t found Canadian figures, but we feel it’s safe to assume the numbers are about the same here in Canada.  What does that mean to you? It means your prospective customers are researching on line.

Page 1 is the goal

If your web site isn’t coming up at the top, near the top, or at least on the first page of search results, you might as well not be there at all!

Search Engine Optimization today needs to be a big part of your web marketing strategy.  Google accounts for approximately 86% of all searches being done online according to many reports. The balance is shared amongst all of the other search engines.

Google rules change frequently.  No one can absolutely guarantee a number one ranking, but our constant researching and experience will move your site onto page one quickly. 

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