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You’ve got your web site up and running and you’re wondering, “What about backup & security? Do I need it?”

The real answer is, ‘Yes’, and here’s why;

1. WordPress sites account for nearly 27% of the web sites online today. The main way that sites get hacked is through outdated core files, themes or plugins. That means there are a lot of people out there trying to hack them but, many more developers writing updates and patches too. We see updates and patches that need to be installed on a daily basis.

2. If your site is hacked and lost, you’re back at square one rebuilding your site without a current backup. It will be out of business for a period of time and, in the end, you’ll be out a lot of time and a lot of money, for nothing.  Complete backups are a must! If we have been backing up your site, we can get you back up and running usually within just a few minutes.

3. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business and/or web site is, they are being attacked constantly. Since I started to work with WordPress, I have seen several attempted hacks on a weekly basis..

The best solution today, in my opinion,  is a combination of WordFence or iThemes Security to lock the site down, and Backup Buddy from iThemes to create backups.

WordFence, very simply, locks down the site (only the admin, not the viewable site) if it’s being attacked. It sends out a notification email to let us know what’s happened.  
Click here for a full list of WordFence details.

Not all plugins work with all themes. In the odd situation where WordFence won’t work with a specific theme, I’ll use iThemes Security. 
Click  here for a full list of iThemes Security details.

With a proper backup from BackupBuddy and it’s companion RestoreBuddy, a hacked site can be completely restored in a matter of minutes. Backup Buddy automatically sends the backup file to a remote location. We send the file to another server from where it’s hosted as a precaution in case of a server failure. 
Click here for a full list of Backup Buddy details.

Our configuration of these products is such that we are notified immediately whenever there is a security patch or update to any part of your site. We act on that notification daily. We are notified when your backup starts and when it’s completed.  We are also notified if there is a problem and again when the file is received in our DropBox account location.

Can you add these products to your site yourself? Absolutely!. Single user licences for both products will cost you $120.00 per year. If you do it yourself I’m sure you’ll find you didn’t save that much money when you consider the time you’ve spent repairing the problem.

The price for our service is only $200.00 for the year.

Questions?  Contact me. I’ll be glad to answer them for you!