WordPress Website Training

The main reason we work with WordPress is it’s ease of use, particularly, for the end user, you!

There are many different learning styles. Some like to read a book. Some like to watch a video and many, like to have someone sitting beside them, showing them what to do.

We do that!

When we have launched your site live, we willl sit with you and walk you through the process of how to edit text, how to add pictures and how to make links. If your site is an e-commerce site, we’ll teach you how to add or edit product, pricing and inventory counts. We’ll teach you how to post entries to your blog.

Need to see that again and maybe another time. No problem. We're here when you need us!

Looking to build your own WordPress website?

We offer one-on-one / side by side training at your locations, or ours.

Georgina, York Regions website design team